360° eBook

Publishers can choose from three different eBook consulting products, depending on their specific needs:

  • 360° eBook - Basic is our starting offer, which is primarily aimed at smaller publishing houses and customers who're looking for fast results at a smaller budget.
  • 360° eBook - Advanced is a good choice for medium-sized publishers, who want to make sure that their internal teams are closely involved in the development of targets and strategies. 
  • 360° eBook - Premium is the most complete offering, which includes a follow-up session as well as extra time to dedicate to finding solutions for specific issues the publisher wants to solve.


Common to all three products are the comprehensive view and our consulting approach. And if you're looking for an offer which focuses just on one or some aspects of your eBook activities, of course this is also available. We call it 360° eBook - Custom

We'd be happy to explain our consulting offering and approach closer in person. Please contact us to find out more about details such as the exact scope, prices and availability.

We're looking forward to your email or call!


The comprehensive view:
360° eBook looks closely at all six central dimensions of eBook activities


  1. eBook portfolio: content strategy from Digital First to Backlist

  2. Workflows and production: effective eBook development, the right formats

  3. Distribution: direct versus aggregators, pricing strategy and metadata

  4. Marketing: effective consumer marketing and getting information out to retailers

  5. Rights: from contract types to new business models

  6. Internal organization: (in)official roles, measuring success and more


Our common goal:
To be ready for the next morket phase, with eBooks as an important pillar for success

The key elements of our approach:

  • Our know-how for your success: 
    We have more than ten years of experience in the field of eBooks, and you can consider us always up-to-date both in national and international market topics.

  • Our procedure follows the classical triple jump:
    - Where you are today: an independent view on your eBook activities so far
    - Where you want to go: defining realistic targets for the next three years
    - How to get there: the right strategy and concrete steps 
  • Independent, but always close to the market:
    Our recommendations are not born on the drawing board but "disilled from experience" - we know the big players, partly also from the inside, but act independently. 
  • Consultation at eye level:
    Internal knowledge is precious and the starting point of our consultancy. Team members are included at all stages in an appreciating manner. This makes sure that the solutions will "fit" and the team will be motivated to implement them. At your wish, we also plan optional follow-up sessions to ensure enduring success. 


And now it's up to you: Contact us to find out how we can support you to grow your eBook business!

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